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Anna Sternik


As a child I used to believe that there was a mystical creature decorating windows with frost patterns during the winter nights - I would spend hours admiring each single frost pattern, and I believe that is when my fascination and love for art began - I absolutely loved the 'visual' aspect of life and with just a little bit of imagination everything had a potential to become magical.

Nowadays, my inspiration derives from psychology and psychoanalysis, as well as from the aesthetic qualities of Dadaism, Surrealism and Horror genre in general. Apart from that I am an utter bookworm, and I (still) love nature and all living beings (especially cats, as you have probably noticed;). I employ a wide range of techniques into my creation processes - therefore my art is quite broad. Since early childhood I would spend my days drawing, painting, sculpting, photographing... it is and has always been my daily routine - I love exploring different art mediums and inventing my own techniques. I have a degree in Fine Art: Sculpture and I have also completed an Illustration & Animation course.

Due to the uncanny nature of my work, it is usually astonishing, but at the same time it makes people happy, and that is the main reason I create – to brighten your day and to bring some of that childish magic into the adulthood :)

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